An Introduction to BRAS

BRAS is a nurse-practitioner led clinic that offers professional review services for women who have previously undergone breast surgery. Founded by Dr. Philip Richardson from Brisbane Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery and run by Nurse Keren McKenna, BRAS is an all-female clinic designed to provide women across South-East Queensland with a safe and supportive environment to discuss their post-surgery concerns or questions.

Dr. Philip Richardson is a Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgeon in Queensland. Over his 16 years as a practising plastic surgeon, he has performed hundreds of revisional surgeries on patients from far and wide who are unhappy with their initial surgery, or are experiencing post-operative complications. Not all patients who book a consultation are seeking re-operation and more often than not, are just seeking advice and recommendations for alternative treatment plans. Over the years, as the number of breast surgery patients increases in Queensland, there is a growing trend of patients seeking professional advice and guidance in regards to their implants. Consultations with plastic surgeons can be expensive, and sometimes daunting for patients who are unhappy with their results, are not ready for re-operation, or are emotionally impacted by a negative experience.

BRAS is designed to support these women through a no-obligation review service that provides tailored advice and treatment plans at a fraction of the cost. The idea is to deliver a nurturing and supportive all-female environment for these women. Nurse Keren McKenna has worked in the plastics industry for 17 years, working alongside numerous plastic surgeons across Queensland as both a surgical assistant and practice nurse. Her knowledge of cosmetic breast procedures is extensive, and she has provided post-operative care to countless women across the state. Under the guidance of Dr. Richardson’s recommendations and post-operative care protocol, she will provide patients with a comprehensive review and discussion to determine their best treatment plan. The cost of the review is $70, with a $49.80 rebate from Medicare. As such, the out of pocket expense is just $20.20.

If you are a patient seeking professional guidance with regard to your breasts after cosmetic surgery, BRAS clinic is available to provide you with support and a plan of action.

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